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The Gunners have had a fantastic start to the 2022-23 season, winning their first five games to go top of the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta’s team, which finished fifth last season, will look to keep their momentum going when they visit Old Trafford on Sunday.

Manchester United, led by Erik ten Hag, suffered two disappointing defeats at the start of the season but are back on track after winning three straight games, most recently defeating Leicester City on Thursday night.

‘This game is the beauty of the Premier League and a tough one to predict,’ Evra told Betfair.

‘I think United will have to play in a similar way like they did against Liverpool, in that survival mode, they may even have to get some luck.

‘In that game against Liverpool, Klopp’s side had many chances to win the game but let’s give credit to United. Now, they don’t want to lose any games, they are putting their lives on the line to prevent conceding goals.

‘Arsenal are in great form, they are winning ugly games and that’s what is scaring me. Against Fulham, it wasn’t a good game but they won.

‘Let’s be clear, Arsenal fear Man United, there’s a massive history between the two. I used to call them “our babies”, now it’s the other way round and we’re looking more like the babies.

‘This is going to be a tough one and talking with my heart I’ll say United, but anything can happen.’

One of Arsenal’s best players so far this season has been £50m summer signing Gabriel Jesus, who scored his third goal for the club in the 2-1 win over Aston Villa during the week.

Manchester United legend Evra has been impressed by Jesus’ form and says he is a player who could ‘hurt’ his former club this weekend.

The five-time Premier League winner added ‘I’ve always been impressed with Gabriel Jesus. I think when he was playing with City there were too many stars and Aguero was still there too.

‘It was difficult for him, but you can see now that he is so happy to play every weekend, and when you allow him to play every weekend that’s when you see more of the real Gabriel Jesus.

‘He’s already a leader, not in the sense that he is going to shout at people, but with his movement, the way he keeps the ball and his goals.

‘That’s what has been missing. Even if he scored goals at City, I didn’t see that killer instinct. Now, playing at Arsenal he has that responsibility, and he needs to score.

‘It’s not as if things are fine if he doesn’t score, you can see now that people will blame him if he’s not scoring and he’s taking that responsibility with a smile and happiness.

‘This is really dangerous. When a player plays with that kind of positivity, smile and happiness, he can hurt you.’