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When Arsene Wenger resigned as manager in Arsenal, many fans rejoiced and to be honest, I was one of those fans. Truly, Wenger is adored by many fans but at the same time, his last days at Arsenal weren’t all that rosy and we had all chanted the ‘Wenger Out’ and even hung the banners in Emirate stadium whenever we played. It had been that bad and we wanted to see Wenger leave by all means.

Early 2018 when Wenger announced his resignation, we felt our prayers had been answered. A new manager was to take over but instead of towards a new era, the club had gone from the frying pan into the fire.

Two seasons after and there are calls for his head already. Arsenal is fifth in the Premier League table and that isn’t sitting well with the fans as the manager was brought in to secure a top-four finish for the club – a result that will secure a place for the club in the Champions League.

Arsenal have not been impressive with their games the past couple of weeks. Their Wednesday night Europa League game with Vitoria which ended in a 1-1 draw made it four straight matches for the club without a win. It has had both fans and pundits talking – one of which is Charlie Nicholas who played for Arsenal between 1983 and 1988. The former Arsenal man believes Emery is on the verge of being sacked and had other things to say during his talk with SkySport.

“He [Emery] is certainly under scrutiny.

“I’m not calling for his head and the board won’t be calling for his head, but this isn’t Manchester United replacing Sir Alex Ferguson, it’s not at that level.

“This is Arsenal trying to find a new identity. Is this different to what Wenger got the sack for? No, it’s worse defensively.

“I think the fans are starting to turn. They are asking the same thing as I am: where is the improvement and what is the difference [to Wenger]? What is Arsenal’s personality?

“So yes, take it game by game, but if they are to lose to Leicester, the manager will come under serious, serious scrutiny.”

“Arsenal fans have travelled and watched another basic performance. I like the manager a lot but I said the same with Arsene Wenger: things have to change. He [Emery] has to be stronger and sort these problems out.

“Arsenal have lost the urgency to go and win football matches. The defensive frailties have been there for 18 months, if not longer, and things need to get sorted now. Arsenal fans are starting to get pretty fed up.”

Why his sack is imminent

Since Emery took over two seasons ago, we have watched Arsenal play and one thing is obvious enough: their defence is a serious joke.

We added David Luiz and Kieran Tierney to the back over the summer but still, things don’t seem to be better. This season, we have already conceded 15 goals in the Premier League and that’s a lot for a side with a strong defence.

If that is not enough to get him sacked then his player management should. In an earlier article, we explained how his lack of communication could be one of his major problems. It is understandable that he is not an English speaking coach but since he started coaching the club, his English hasn’t developed much either.

Outside of the language barrier, another apparent problem is Mesut Ozil, our key midfielder who the coach couldn’t find a place for in his team.


If Emery is to be sacked, there is no better time than right now. The club is nosediving and the fans are getting impatient. Seeing Emery sacked in the club is imminent but only time will tell when will that actually happen.