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If I played for a club that jeers at the players giving their all to move the club and even going as far as involving my family in the whole thing, I’d snap out too at a point. Through this whole Xhaka versus fans issue, what we have failed to address so far is the fact that we have some horrible fans that need to be attended to.

Granit Xhaka, the former Arsenal captain was jeered at when he was coming off the pitch in Arsenal’s match against Crystal Palace and the Swiss international responded to the fans after which he stormed down the tunnel.

Many people have started calling for his head – most asked that he be stripped of the Arsenal captaincy. So it wasn’t a shock when news spread that Xhaka had been stripped of his captaincy. Others, however, are asking that he not be allowed to play again.

Out of all of these, one thing we have all failed to realise as a club is that the players who go out there every time to give their all for us are also humans and they feel too.

Truly, Xhaka had allowed his emotion to get the best of him, he had realised that and had issued an apology but that wasn’t enough. In his defence, I want to believe any sane human would react when their family is involved in abuses online and that was why the Swiss international reacted the way he did.

With him being stripped of the captaincy, and possibilities that he might not be coming on the pitch for Arsenal any time soon, the 27-year-old midfielder will seek a way out which is to ask to leave in January. With news making the rounds that Newcastle is on the line for him, he should get a better chance at playing again anywhere he decides to go.

Reasons Xhaka should leave Arsenal

For one, the fans have made it really obvious that they don’t like him. It might not be that bad for him just yet but what passion is expected of him when he doesn’t even get the love from the fans he does everything for?

Secondly, getting stripped of the captaincy in the way it happened is some sort of stain on him. One that will stay in the books. It’s like been told you are not worthy of a leadership position and you should step down for someone better than you to do the job.

Thirdly, he needs as much playing time as he can get to help him secure a place in the Swiss international team and with the whole saga and fans asking that he’s not allowed to play, staying in Arsenal won’t be a wise choice for him to make. He’ll need a team where his playing time is guaranteed and as it is, Arsenal doesn’t seem like it.

The effect of letting Xhaka go on Arsenal

He has been called many names by fans and slow, immobile are some of those. In an earlier article, we talked about what a fine footballer he is and how he might get on the same level as those who play the kind of football he does. Footballers like Pirlo and Toni Kross plays the way Xhaka does and the reason they’ve been able to reach the point they have is because the teams they played with saw what they can do and found a way around making them work efficiently.

Losing Xhaka will mean the club has lost a midfielder with the potential of being great over an issue that could have been well managed by the club.


Should Xhaka decide to leave in January, a lot of clubs will line up to snatch him from Arsenal because of his ability to pass. He is a fine player that can fit into any team so far there are provisions for him to shine. Although, it might not seem like it but Arsenal will be losing a gem if they let him go and that can come back to haunt the club in the later future.