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Learn how to bet on the English Premier League Matches

Let’s learn how to bet on the games of Arsenal in the English Premier League. After you learn that, you’ll be able to profit from your knowledge of the biggest domestic league in the world, in any game that you see a potentially interesting bet.

English Premier League Betting Markets

The most popular betting market is the 1×2 match result market. In this market, you bet on the result of each individual game of the league. You can bet on any of the 10 games of all 38 rounds, so there are 380 matches and markets to bet on.

Each match, however, has dozens of individual secondary markets, like the number of goals of the game, handicap betting, correct score betting, and many others. As a result, there are tens of thousands of betting markets in the English Premier League.

You can also bet on the next winner of the English Premier League, which is called outright betting.

How to find a good place to bet on the EPL

Bookmakers are like any other service provider: there are great brands with amazing customer service, and brands with a poorer reputation. They can also oscillate over time in terms of quality. As bookies hold financial balances like banks, it’s also important to keep an eye on their financial performance, which is public information in regulated markets like the UK.

However, analysing all these things can be difficult if you consider the number of market protagonists and secondary brands active in the UK. It’s always advisable to use the services of premium reviewers that can help you find a Trusted Bookmaker.

1×2 EPL Betting Market – Real-life example

This is a real-life example of the potential winnings of a bettor in the EPL.

In the next game of Arsenal, the Gunners will face Southampton on the road. The decimal odds – the most popular system – are multipliers that define the potential profits of a bettor. These are the potential profits for each potential outcome in the 1×2 market for this game if we simulate a £100 bet.

Event 1 – Victory of the hosts – Southampton – 5.73 * £100 = £573
Match Draw, event X – 4.27 * £100 = £427
Event 2 – Victory of the visitors – Arsenal – 1.60 * £100 = £160

As you can see, the event considered the most likely one by the football and betting communities have smaller odds. The perceived risk of the bet is proportional to the odds.

In other words, if the market considers an event unlikely to happen, the odds will be bigger. If everyone expects a team to win, the odds will be smaller, sometimes as low as 1.01, meaning the profits for the victory can vary from 1% up to 100%, 200%, and at times, more than 1000%, if the bet wins of course!

Summary: EPL football betting

It’s important to study the upcoming football events as much as choose carefully where to bet. Good luck with your bets and count on us for more football betting guides!