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The preseason has restored hope in the football club. After their exciting display, especially in the game against Chelsea in the Florida Cup. The team showed they were ready to compete against some of the best in the league. They might even beat the teams they struggled against last season. 

If you know how to bet on sports, you know that sports are enjoyable in different ways. Also, you can understand Arsenal’s odds for the season as they compete for several trophies this season. The team would play for the EPL, FA Cup, EFL, and UEL. There is a chance for them to take one of these trophies at the end of the season. 

Aside from trying to win a trophy next season, the team would want to make it back to the UEFA Champions League. It has been a long time since they played in the competition. The last time they did, the team lost to Bayern Munich 10-2 on aggregate. So, we expect them to push for a spot in the top four next season.

It will be difficult since the team has some incredible competitions to beat before they can make it. However, they were almost there last season but missed out towards the end of the season. So, with the new reinforcement the team has for the new season, can they make it into the top four at the end of the season?

The New Signings and What They Bring to the Team

Arsenal and Arteta have been incredibly busy this summer. Even though the team missed out on some incredible players to help strengthen their team, they’ve still brought in some top-notch players that would allow the team. One of the most notable signings on the team is Gabriel Jesus, a top Brazilian attacker.

The player has spent most of his playing career in Manchester City after completing an exciting move to the team as a youngster. After spending some years with City, Jesus has many trophies, and Arsenal fans would be looking to him to bring that same glory to the team throughout his time here.

Aside from Jesus, we see some other exciting signings that would strengthen the midfield and defensive side of the squad. These players would add depth to the team, and we would surely enjoy what they bring to the table. With the right coaching tactics, it is possible to see Arsenal in the 2023/2024 UCL lineup. 

Their Major Challengers

Every fan knows that the English Premier League is a competitive league with many challengers in every corner. The tournament has always been epic and exhaustive for teams from start to finish. Therefore, Arsenal’s goal to make it to the Champions League would be met with some fierce opponents.

One of their biggest challengers is Tottenham, who has also strengthened their squad, and with Antonio Conte, the team has become better than they were at the start of last season. Tottenham was the team to prevent Arsenal from making it to the Champions League, and they would be their top opponent this season.

In that case, the North London derby would be prominent this season. Aside from Arsenal, another top challenger for the top four spots is another London club, but this time from the West, Chelsea FC. Manchester United is another contender for the top four, and with them pushing for a place in the UCL, they would remain a significant challenge to Arsenal. 

How They Can Make It

Making it into the Champions League zones is a tough one. They would have to be consistent from the start of the season to the end. Any slip-ups would see them far away from their goal as fast as possible. Therefore, they need to take the time to prepare for each game with utmost priority and not slack.

Arsenal last season had a great chance to make it into the top four, but after some terrible performances following a great run of form, they entered into a rut. As a result, they had to win tough matches, which they failed to do. In the end, they messed up their chances of going to the UCL.

The team is now more experienced. Therefore, we expect them to put in more work and pay attention to every game. They would need to stop dropping easy points and maintain their shape throughout the 90. Undoubtedly, it is a challenging endeavor. However, it is the only way they can make it to the UCL. 

Our Thoughts

Arsenal is a top contender to finish in the top four at the end of the 2022/2023 season. The team would continue to push for this. However, their best chance to make it into the UCL is by winning the Europa League.