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Arsenal has gone ahead to improve their team and get more players to strengthen the squad. The team is gearing to be one of the top contenders for every competition they are participating in. We saw them during the preseason, and they looked like a different team. More organized and ready to compete.

Arsenal’s bet lines will look like when you’re playing some of the best NFL bets. The reason is that they are one of the best teams entering the new season. Although many might think it is too early to tell how they would perform, the team’s composition is something only the best teams can offer on the pitch.

In that case, we expect the team to go to various competitions and ensure that they give us memorable moments to hold on to. The team would compete in the UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, FA Cup, and the English Football League Cup. Therefore, there is a chance that they will go home with one. 

So, what trophy does the team have the best chance of winning? To find out what we think, you should keep reading this article. 

The English Premier League

Arsenal would be part of the top contenders in the EPL. The team would be looking to win their first EPL trophy since 2004. However, they would have to compete against some of the best teams in Europe if they want their goal achieved this season. We would expect the team to continue its push throughout the season.

As it stands, the major contender to win the tournament is Manchester City. The Citizens would be going in for their fourth title in five years. With the addition of Erling Haaland to the team, they would be harder to compete against, given how good they’ve been in the past years, especially under Pep Guardiola. 

Undoubtedly, winning the league ahead of Manchester City is a difficult task. Therefore, the more feasible path will be to go for the top four spots. The team should try their luck with qualifying for the UCL competition. 

The UEFA Europa League

Winning the UEL is a lot easier than the EPL teams because the top teams competing in the tournament are not as formidable as the EPL teams. Therefore, Arsenal would have a better chance of winning the competition once it begins. They would be going in for the win, but a few teams would give them issues.

One of the top teams in the UEL is AS Roma. The team would be challenging to play against because of how they play and their current manager. Jose Mourinho is a serial winner with the experience of winning any competition. Therefore, we expect the team to push for the win.

Arsenal’s best chance would be to avoid playing Roma throughout the competition or eliminate them as early as possible. The problem is that Manchester United is still competing against the UEL this season. Therefore, it would be a tough run for the team.   

The FA Cup

The FA Cup is Arsenal’s best competition going by the number of title wins. The team has the most FA Cup trophy, and we think they can add to the tally this season. They’ve already won one under Arteta. Therefore, they can win another this season. However, like in other competitions, there are tough teams to face.

Although many top teams do not pay too much attention to the FA Cup, it is still one of the most competitive tournaments in England. Therefore, it won’t be an easy ride for Arsenal. The team has a long way to go if they want to win this competition. However, this is their best bet compared to the other two we’ve mentioned above.

In that case, we see Arsenal making it far in the competition, and we know that once they can make it into the final, there is hardly any team that can stop them from winning the trophy. So, we expect the FA Cup to come to Emirates at the end of the season.  

The EFL Cup 

The EFL Cup is a tricky competition that many teams struggle to win, even when they have the best team, and it has become a trademark competition for Manchester City. Therefore, it is a tough one for Arsenal. The team would have to be on their best form to take it from Manchester City this season.

In that case, we don’t think this is a trophy Arteta and Arsenal would want to chase, given that it would require committing players to the competition. Therefore, it would affect other competitions, and they might miss out on other more essential trophies. So, the EFL Cup would not be a trophy that we think Arsenal would be trying to win by all means.