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When Emery was coming into Arsenal to take over from Arsene Wenger in 2018, we had all been relieved. A new era was set to begin, something we had asked for in years was granted to us and it seemed like a change that will solve almost all our problems.

In Arsene Wenger’s last two seasons in Arsenal, things had gone from bad to worse. We hadn’t won a cup for a long time and as bad as that seemed, we had been patient, hoping for a miracle to happen while settling for our top-four finish. This was also taken from us as Arsenal finished fifth in the 2016/2017 season and sixth in the 2017/2018 season which led to us missing out on Europe’s top competition, the Champions League.

Sad as that seemed, the bants from other clubs’ fans on how a ‘big club’ like Arsenal has to settle for Thursday night football hits home whenever and wherever it comes from. This made a large part of the Arsenal fan base call for Arsene Wenger’s sack and we were all happy when he announced his resignation in 2018. He was our beloved coach, whom most of us loved but it appeared his time in Arsenal had to end. That then brought in the era of Unai Emery.

When Unai Emery came in, we believed we had gotten a manager keen on progressive football and had been happy at the new development but with time, even though some say it’s still too early, it has continued to look like we moved from the frying pan to the fire.

In Emery’s first season in Arsenal, Arsenal played a total of 38 matches in the Premier League, winning 21 matches. We lost ten matches and drew seven matches and ended up the season being fifth in the Premier League table final standing. (Premier League stat)

This season so far has been totally off it for Arsenal. We have played a total of 13 matches and have won just four. We have not won any Premier League match in two months and this has sparked a lot of talks online on why Emery is not the right person for the Arsenal job.

Currently, we are eight in the Premier League table with eight points behind the fourth position. Clearly, we are no more in the title race but the top-four finish Emery was brought in to secure for us have started looking like it is slipping away from us and that is a matter of serious concern.

Through all of these, many people have pointed out things that are going wrong in the club and it is looking very likely that Emery might get booted out of the club soon but there are things he might need to address before that happens.

Insubordination from players

There have been incidents where Arsenal players outrightly disobeyed Emery’s instructions and in what appears like a heated row from Lacazette with Emery on Saturday against Southampton shows how much patience has started to run out in the club.

Even though the 28-year-old Frenchman had scored twice against Southampton, his display had made it evident that something doesn’t seem right. The exchange happened during a delay when Southampton had a player down injured.

This will make it one of the incidents where the coach had been disobeyed by his players. Earlier at the beginning of the month, Kieran Tierney was seen appearing to have been telling Emery to ‘calm down’ when the Arsenal boss shouted instructions from the technical area during the 1-1 draw with Wolves.


As much as we won’t want this happening, it is obvious that not only the fans are tired of Emery’s way of handling the team and that is a serious problem for him, one he will need to quickly address before it gets out of hands.