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The Gunners’ fans are tired of frustrations and defeats over the past few years. They all want to see their favorites fighting for trophies, or at least for a place in the UEFA Champions League spot. This team has a rich history and is one of the most popular across the globe. 

While other franchises owned by Stan Kroenke win titles, Arsenal is struggling. Even the LA Rams took the Super Bowl, even though they weren’t among the top favorites to do so before the start of the campaign. The latest NFL predictions are telling us that Sean McVay’s unit has excellent chances of repeating the success. All that because of one trade made last summer, when the team acquired QB Matt Stafford. 

Many Arsenal fans believe that Mikel Arteta did the same thing when he decided to go after Manchester City’s striker, Gabriel Jesus. Even though the Brazilian had several offers, some of them even better than the Gunners’, the young striker landed at the Emirates and immediately showed his potential.

After a few friendly games, it was obvious that Arsenal needed a player of his caliber all along. Jesus was fantastic on his debut against Nurnberg, netting just two minutes following his entrance on the pitch, before eventually adding one more goal to his account. He then continued to play at the same level, netting against Everton and Chelsea.

Jesus’ influence on the entire team is incredible to describe. It seems that the Gunners finally have a routine in the finish. That was lacking in the previous years and was the main reason for the team’s struggles. Forwards and midfielders were quite solid in the organization, but the poor finishing constantly ruined their morale.

With Jesus on board, that isn’t happening. The Brazilian uses the slightest chance to make problems to the other side, and not only that; he opens space for Saka, Odegaard, and other teammates who are now far more lethal. 

The lucky thing for Arsenal and Arteta is that Jesus made such a massive impact, yet he cost a little over €52 million. This looks unbelievable when comparing it with the past and similar or more expensive transfers that didn’t get anything in return. 

We also need to mention that Jesus’ versatility and technique allow him to be the playmaker in certain situations. He isn’t a typical striker who waits for the ball to reach him, but often comes back to receive the pass and create chances. Many would ask why Manchester City denounced such a player, but the explanation is easy. Guardiola didn’t find him helpful in his system anymore, and on the other hand, it is stupid to bench the player and not make money from him. Something completely different from NFL where most players spend time playing and even fans who, usually based on NFL picks, make money from any player’s change, so everyone wins.

Arsenal looks much healthier than before. Arteta’s system and all the effort put into it is finally promising some reward at the end of the road. Though, it would be pretty unfair not to admit that the Spaniard made some noticeable improvements in the previous campaign. In the end, it seems he only lacked Jesus for everything to fall in its place and for the results to start coming. 

The goal in the English Premier League is simple: the Gunners to finish among the top four and secure the Champions League spot. For the last six years, Arsenal didn’t make it to the UCL, which reflected not only on the finances but also on the club’s reputation, creating a spiral that dragged the team towards the bottom. Arteta’s appearance on the bench began changing things, and his desire to sign Jesus could be the turning point for this franchise, just as Stafford’s trade was for the Rams. According to NFL expert picks could be one of the best trades for the season, so, to sign Jesus could be the same for Arsenal.