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There are many things a positive mindset can help us do. Like walking on water or bringing down the Great Wall of China. Just kidding! But a positive mindset can definitely build a team’s morale and help the team win matches, leading to winning trophies, and that is what a player at Arsenal has advised his colleagues to do.

Truly, we’ve not had a great start to our Premier League campaign. We have played 12 matches this season, winning only four and able to keep just two clean sheets out of 12 matches. That is poor, to say the least, but no one expects the team to continue having a smooth ride all the way. How we handle those rough rides however is what matters and as it is, we don’t look to be handling it so well.

It is apparent that there are communication issues between the manager and the players, making it hard for the manager to relate his tactics to his players. If this is not enough to raise doubts about him being the right man for the job then I don’t know what else should. Maybe less time should be played on allvideoslots CA and more time on the training field?

What a positive mindset can do for Arsenal

A positive mindset can do a lot for Arsenal. As it is, the team looks to be done and the energy among the players is not the type that wins matches. With a positive mindset, the players will have the fight in them, the will to win and maybe they can get their morale boost from there.

This is the same Arsenal that was in the Europa Cup last season and the fact that they lost to Chelsea in the final doesn’t change how well and hard they worked to get to that final.

A couple of wins are all Arsenal needs to get back on track but the mood in the team right now is not likely to get that. It might not look like it but going into a fight telling yourself you can’t win losses the fight for you up to sixty percent.

Arsenal centre-back Rob Holding, while speaking in an interview with Sky Sports also laid emphasis on having a positive mindset.

“We just need to string a couple of wins together and I think that will lift the confidence again and hopefully set us off on a run.

“We just need to stay calm and stay positive. We’re sixth, we’re not a million miles off it.

“We’re going into a busy Christmas period now where there’s going to be three Premier League games a week.

“We’re eight points off the top four but if we have three wins in a week we’re back up within touching distance so it’s not crisis point by any stretch of the imagination.

“We need to keep calm, keep positive and keep working on what we need to improve on.”


Many will come out saying only hard work wins matches but we also need to understand that preparation and the will to win also goes a long way. You can work hard for something and not want that thing well enough. I can’t particularly say this is the situation in Arsenal currently but I can tell it is close to that for the players.

If they are as tired of Unai Emery as we are, the chances that they won’t function properly under him are high.