About Us

An Arsenal fan and a lover of all things tactical? Well, do we have a treat for you!

We are the Arsenal is a tactical analysis site dedicated to bringing you, the reader, the best pieces of content surrounding all things regarding the Gunners, whilst also trying to build up your knowledge of the finer (but, important) details of our complex passion!

Of course, we can be like every other site on the planet and give you your bog-standard news and opinion reviews but what do they really offer? In truth, many of them leave you scratching your head as to wondering what you have spent the last few minutes reading and hardly answer any questions.

So, what do we do differently here at We Are The Arsenal?

With our match analysis reports, we look to teach and educate you about how Mikel Arteta’s men could set-up against an upcoming opponent and what that aforementioned opponent may look to do against us.

Following the conclusion of a game, we will also dive in deep and use statistical data and imagery to show you what the Gunners did during a game and explain as to what they may have been trying to achieve and whether it was right or wrong – regardless of what the final scoreline was.

We are the Arsenal do not only focus on matches, though, as we also look at individuals and run the fine comb over them as well in the player analysis section of our site. Going into detail, we create scout reports on current members of playing staff as well as looking at those that have been rumoured with potential switches to the Emirates Stadium and whether or not they have the style of play that would suit the Gunners perfectly!

Indeed, opinion and news pieces are part and parcel of football and, therefore, almost unavoidable at times; however, we look to do our pieces with the same data gathering and statistical numbers that our analysis reports contain and present you a case with an answer – not more questions!

Interested in the tactical analysis side of the game and a keen Arsenal follower? Then, why not apply to write for us and get your work seen by thousands?

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